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Tony Carere

Tony, Karen and Jeanne

Jeanne Carere

 Carere Music was founded in 1989 by Tony and Karen Carere and has been in continuous operation since that time.  The Carere family has been making music for many generations: Tony's brothers and sister all played, nieces, nephews, etc. As Tony spent his working years as the top-call woodwind doubler, he started buying and selling instruments.  After doing this for some time, it was suggested that he practice officially in a business setting.  Tony and Karen set out to provide a greater knowledge of what they knew best, woodwinds.  Tony has also maintained being the musicians contractor in Atlanta for Theater of the Stars.  Carere Music, Inc. has grown into a major player in Atlanta's retail instrument market.  From the beginning, we have offered quality music products, instrument sales, private lessons, instrument repair and great customer service with a sales staff that are uniquely knowledgeable and experienced in music education and performance.   Come by and meet the family! 


Jeanne Carere

Tony, Karen and Jeanne

Jeanne Carere

 Jeanne was raised in a very talented family of musicians. Her father, Tony Carere has been one of Atlanta's  top-rated woodwind players for over 25 years.  She started playing the flute when she was in elementary school.  While in high school, Jeanne attended camps such as Brevard Music Center and the Tanglewood Institute. Jeanne went on to attend college at Boston University where she placed 2nd place in the prestigious James Pappoutsakis flute competition.  Upon returning to Atlanta, Jeanne auditioned for and won the Principal Flute position with the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra. Jeanne has  been fortunate to play for the great Broadway shows such as "Wicked" and "Aida" as well as most of the other traveling shows at the Fox Theatre. She is also very active with the lovely string and flute ensemble,Trio Classique.  Jeanne maintains a studio of at least 20 students per week at Carere Music in addition to managing the store.  


Tony, Karen and Jeanne

Tony, Karen and Jeanne

Tony, Karen and Jeanne

"What does Carere stand for?" 

The quick answer is that it is our Italian heritage, family name.

The love our heritage name but music is clearly what we stand for:

11 certified music teachers

14 saxophone players

9 pianists

9 clarinetests

5 brass players

5 string players

5 guitarists

3 oboists

16 conductors/bandleaders

18 private instructors

It's not just a business name, its our heritage and we are proud of it.